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How to Prepare your house for a Real Estate Photo shoot.

Lost on where to begin before we arrive to shoot your property? Here is an in-depth checklist on things to do.

Preparing your home for Real Estate Photography

Most importantly, clean your windows inside and out the day before! For even more clarity of those amazing views, remove the screens.

General Areas

De-clutter as much as possible, especially excessively furnished rooms – store excess in garage
Remove all personal items e.g. photos
Tidy / Hide all power leads / cables
Move garbage cans out of sight.
Remove piles of mail, newspaper and magazines.
Clean all windows inside and out.
Living Areas / Recreational Rooms
Turn off TV and put remotes away
Remove all toys, fans, game consoles
Remove Exercise bikes / equipment
Arrange DVDs, games, books neatly in shelves
Turn off and clean ceiling fan

Kitchen / Dining Areas

Clean and put away all dishes / cutlery
Remove all small appliances
Clean all splash backs, range hoods and large appliances especially if stainless steel
Remove all detergents, dish clothes, dish rack, tea towels, drain plugs.
Ensure range hood lights are working
Remove all objects from fridge e.g. magnets, photos
Remove bins and pet bowls
Minimize bench top clutter e.g. salt and pepper, coffee, cereal boxes


Make all beds.
De-clutter toys, books, games, tissue boxes.
Remove all personal items.
Ensure bedside lamps are working.
Remove posters / stickers from walls.
Clear away all clothes

Bathrooms / Powder Rooms

Remove all soaps / shampoo / face washers / bath mats / toys / scales / bins
Remove all tooth brushes / tooth paste / razors / hair dryers.
Make sure glass and mirrors are spotless
Remove all non-matching towels.
Remove toilet cleaning utensils.
Ensure toilet roll is not empty
Close all toilet lids

Outside Areas

Mow and rake the lawn and trim edges
Rake / sweep up leaves, sticks, papers
Remove all gardening equipment e.g. hoses, rakes, wheel barrows
Sweep or preferably pressure clean driveway and paved areas
Tidy garden e.g. weeds
Remove washing and pins from clothes line
Remove all cars / boats / bikes / trailers
Remove all toys

Pool/Spa Areas

Ensure pool is clean
Remove all pool cleaners and poles
Remove all pool toys

60 Minutes before Photo shoot Checklist

Set the table (optional)
Place wine glasses and wine on outside table (optional)
Open all blinds
Turn on all lights
Turn off ceiling fans
Turn off TV
Put pets away / remove litter boxes
Put children away
Ensure vehicles can’t be seen (street in front of house should be clear of cars)
Remove washing from clothes lines

I normally do not photograph the garage unless it has special features.
If you have special features of your home that are not obvious please let me know about these so I include them in the shoot.

Let me know if your home contains valuable works of art. I can edit photos to make these items unrecognizable or make sure they are not in the photographs as these photos will be displayed on the Internet.

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