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Why I love Boise, Idaho. Reason #212.

Last December on a cold, lazy evening I woke up from a nap. With nothing much to do I started scrolling aimlessly on my phone. One of my old friends posted a reminder about the geminid meteor shower that was peaking the following morning...

That was all the motivation I needed, I went outside... Cold? Check. Stars? Check! I gathered more gear than I needed and all the layers of cloth that I could find and headed up 8th street with grand ambitions to make it up to the ridge road... 5 mins later, oh yeah. It is winter and that means snow!

No worries, I love driving in snow. Brings back memories of my younger self when I was racing a Zamboni around University of Denver's ice sheets. 10 minutes later and I pass the moto lot. How cool is it that I can ride my dirt bike from here? (See reason #2).

Road is nearly as slick as the hockey rink at this point. Time to switch over to four wheel drive. Just about when the front wheels engage I see my old nemesis ahead. Is that? That IS! Oh well, this spot will have to do. Kinda figured he'd show his ugly metal face.  Up ahead is a gate preventing any further motorized travel. I briefly imagine all the chaos that would insue if this gate wasn't here. This area sees quite a bit of traffic. I also imagine that this gate has saved many lives and probably millions of dollars...

I unload and start clicking away, meteors are falling all around me... It was a fantastic night. I stayed up way past my bedtime and recharged my drained nature batteries.

While I was there I tried some new things. Namely time lapse. Time seems to be my new fascination. Here are a couple of photos from the night and the videos. I hope you enjoy them.


Here is a link to more of my photos pointed up.

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